Invisible Cities
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Goodreads Rating: 4.11

Author: Italo Calvino, Translated by William Weaver

Publisher: Vintage Classics

Year of Publication: 1997

ISBN10: 0099429837

ISBN13: 9780099429838

Publisher's Description:

“Cities, like dreams, are made of desires and fears, even if the thread of their discourse is secret, their rules are absurd, their perspectives deceitful, and everything conceals something else.” 

In a garden sit the aged Kublai Khan and the young Marco Polo - Mongol emperor and Venetian traveler.

Kublai Khan has sensed the end of his empire coming soon. Marco Polo diverts his host with stories of the cities he has seen in his travels around the empire: cities and memory, cities and desire, cities and designs, cities and the dead, cities and the sky, trading cities, hidden cities.

As Marco Polo unspools his tales, the emperor detects these fantastic places are more than they appear.

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 Paperback | 160 pages

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